Dr. Dee Dee

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist


Growing up, Dr. Dee Dee knew exactly what she wanted to be. Unfortunately, Prince William was already taken. Plan B – dental school. Graduating from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, she’s fulfilling her new dream, but if you change your mind Willie, you know who to call.

Dr. Montero

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist


Broadway’s loss is our gain! This showtune humming superstar decided that her love for dentistry was greater than her love of the theater. The first graduate of UNR/UNLVs accelerated Bachelors/Doctorate program, Dr. Montero couldn’t wait to share her talents with the world.

Dr. Lasiter

Prosthodontist Extraordinaire


Dr. Lastier puts the “Pro” in Prosthodontist. Being one of the first Board Certified Prosthodontists in Nevada, he’s literally seen it all.




So how do you put a geeky germophobe to good use? Make him office manager. His extensive knowledge of film and pop culture guarantees that awesome movies and great conversation can always be found at Dee for Dentist.


The Pit Boss


If Mother Teresa worked at a venture capital firm, she’d be blonde and named Jena. Going the extra mile to help people prioritize their oral health is what she’s all about.


Assistant Tooth Wrangler


Cannice comes to us from the Big Apple by way of the Big Easy which means she’s got J. Lo street smarts mixed with that Southern charm.

Stephanie M

Organization Consultant


How many offices can say they have their very own Marie Kondo. Stephanie has an obsessive need to keep us organized and on schedule. Her attention to detail and patience on the phone with insurance companies is Zen-like.


Cruise Ship Hostess


As her title suggests, Karen does whatever it takes to make sure patients are enjoying their visit which usually includes a lot of behind the scenes work. A master of public relations and fun, her qualifications include having been on an unbelievable 78 cruises.

Stephanie O.

Dr. Lasiter’s Right & Left Hand Woman


Few people in the dental industry can say they’ve worked with the same person for over 20 years, and Stephanie is one of those people. At this point, their communication is pretty much telepathic.


Hygiene Yogi


In yoga they tell you to find your center. That’s pretty much where Gia lives. Always calm and focused, Gia makes sure every smile is bright before leaving their hygiene visit. Namaste.


Front Office Optimist


Malena is never short on smiles. We have no idea how this mother of twins brings the positivity every day, but we’re sure glad she does.

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