At Dee for Dentist your first visit is a simple 4-step process. Our friendly staff is available every step of the way to help guide you through your appointment. From the x-rays to the comprehensive exam, it is our goal to make sure you understand everything that we are doing so please feel free to ask questions.


Step 1 - Registration

At the start of your visit, we will review your registration forms including your contact information, medical history, HIPAA authorizations, and office policies. To save time, you can complete your registration online or download and print your forms.


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Step 2 - X-Rays

Using the latest in digital radiography, we take a series of images of your entire mouth including a 3D image of your head and neck. These pictures help us get a detailed look at what cannot be seen with the human eye.


Step 3 - Comprehensive Exam

After reviewing your x-rays and medical history, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes a periodontal exam, occlusal exam, oral cancer screening and a tooth-by-tooth check. By recording your current condition, we can track improvement over time, keep an eye on possible issues as well as develop a treatment plan if necessary.


Step 4 - Check Out

Following your comprehensive exam, you will be taken to the check-out area to complete any remaining paperwork as well as schedule your first hygiene vist. That’s it. From start to finish, a first visit appointment usually takes about one hour.


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