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If you need a tooth restoration like a crown or bridge, but you don’t want to wait for days or even weeks to get it, Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) from Dentsply Sirona is the perfect solution for you. Dr. Dee Dee and her team at Dee for Dentist, in Las Vegas, can help you get the tooth restoration you need in just one visit. Book your appointment by using the online scheduler or by calling the office now.

CEREC Dentist Q & A



What is CEREC?

CEREC is a tooth restoration system in which your Dee for Dentist team uses advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to create digital impressions and fabricate your new restoration on-site. 

While getting a new crown or other restoration used to take weeks (and multiple visits to the dentist), CEREC gives you a permanent restoration the same day. 


How does the CEREC process work?

Your dentist at Dee for Dentist removes any decayed or damaged parts of your tooth and prepares the tooth by buffing away a little bit of enamel. 

With CEREC, you don’t need to suffer through the uncomfortable and messy old-fashioned process where you bite down on a mold to create an impression. Instead, your dentist uses a state-of-the-art intraoral scanner to get a perfect 3D image of your tooth. This image feeds directly into the computerized system that your dentist uses to design your new restoration.

The custom design goes straight to the milling machine on-site at Dee for Dentist. Your dentist chooses a ceramic block to match your tooth color exactly, then places it in the milling unit. The milling machine creates your custom restoration while you wait. 

Your dentist evaluates the fit of the restoration, makes any little adjustments that you need, and then bonds your restoration into position. From beginning to end, the process can take less than a couple of hours.


What kind of restorations can the CEREC system do?

CEREC may be best known for custom crowns, but it can create other types of restorations, too. At Dee for Dentist, you can get any of the following CEREC restorations.

Inlays: To restore the area between tooth cusps after decay or damage

Onlays: To restore a tooth when you have damage on at least one cusp

Crowns: To restore your whole tooth, fitting over the natural tooth structure 

CEREC technology can also make bridges, which replace a missing tooth with a ceramic prosthetic. The bridge unit also includes two crowns to cover the teeth on each side of the gap.

The highly flexible CEREC system gives nearly any type of restoration, in just one visit to Dee for Dentist. 

For perfect custom tooth restorations in only one trip to the dentist’s office, call Dee for Dentist or use the online booking tool to make your CEREC appointment now. 




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