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Laser dentistry is one of the latest advances in dental technology available at Dee for Dentist in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dee for Dentist is the one and only dental practice in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, to offer this state-of-the-art technology. Call the office to learn more about laser dentistry or book an appointment online today.

Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry uses advanced laser technology for routine dental procedures without subjecting you to pain, surgery, or downtime. Noninvasive dental lasers can replace drilling for many treatments available at Dee for Dentist, enhancing comfort and easing dental anxiety.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Some of the many benefits you can experience with laser dentistry at Dee for Dentist include:

  • Virtually no pain
  • No noise or vibrations
  • No drilling
  • A reduced need for anesthesia
  • A lower risk of bacteria and virus transmission
  • Advanced teeth and gum treatments
  • Virtually no bleeding
  • Faster treatment times
  • Accelerated recovery
  • COVID-19 aerosol reduction

Laser dentistry is FDA-cleared and makes dental procedures more comfortable. Lasers can replace traditional drilling to give you a better overall dental experience.

Is laser dentistry right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for laser dentistry, the Dee for Dentist team reviews your medical history and symptoms, if you have any. They examine your gums and teeth and might take dental X-rays. Your dentist personalizes each treatment to optimize your outcome.

What is laser dentistry used for?

Some of the numerous treatments your dentist might use laser dentistry for include:

Anesthesia-free fillings

Getting a filling doesn’t have to include drilling, pain, or anesthesia. With laser dentistry, your provider offers anesthesia-free fillings to treat dental decay without discomfort or downtime.


During a gingivectomy, your dental provider uses a laser to remove part of your gums, reduce gum disease-related problems, and improve the appearance of your smile.


Your dentist can use laser dentistry to remove a band of soft tissue in your mouth during a frenectomy.

Fibroma removal

Laser dentistry is highly effective for fibroma removal. Your dentist can remove fibrous connective tissue from targeted areas of your mouth with minimal to no bleeding.

Snoring relief

If you snore at night, laser treatment can offer you and your partner relief. Your dentist uses a laser to alter soft tissue in your airway, make breathing easier, and reduce snoring.

To reap all of the benefits laser dentistry offers, schedule an appointment with Dee for Dentist by calling the office or booking online today.