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Healthy Start™ is a pediatric dentistry program that prepares children for proper dental health and development. Healthy Smart uses myofunctional therapy to retrain facial muscles to ensure normal resting posture of the tongue, lips, and jaw. This program is also used to modify certain behaviors, eliminate negative habits, improve orofacial muscle tone, and establish a breathing pattern. Dr. Dee Dee and her team of dedicated dental care providers at Dee for Dentist in Las Vegas are committed to assisting your child’s development. They seek to prevent serious issues such as sleep apnea, bed-wetting, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) through pediatric dentistry. Book your child’s Healthy Start appointment online or by phone today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What pediatric dentistry services are available at Dee for Dentist? 

The team at Dee for Dentist makes efficient use of the Healthy Start program. Healthy Start focuses on preventive dental care for children. The system’s preventive care efforts can keep serious health and developmental issues from ever developing. 

By using a small and comfortable dental device, top and bottom arches are widened to make room for emerging teeth. The device also straightens teeth that are coming in, while ensuring ideal jaw and airway development.

What are the benefits of pediatric dentistry using the Healthy Start program?

Healthy Start addresses health issues and straightens teeth. Some of the health issues that the system can help prevent are sleep apnea, bed-wetting, and ADHD.

Can pediatric dentistry help with my child’s sleep apnea?

Yes, using the Healthy Start program gradually expands the child’s airway. This can prevent sleep-disordered breathing, like sleep apnea. 

Sleep is an integral component of proper child development. However, sleep-disordered breathing can make it difficult for your child to get the sleep they need. 

Deep sleep refreshes your child’s brain with oxygen, which can contribute to symptoms that are misdiagnosed as ADHD. The Healthy Start program at Dee for Dentist allows your child’s provider to address these symptoms without medication. Within days or weeks of implementing the Healthy Start program, many parents have seen a noticeable improvement in their child’s behavior. 

The earlier a child starts the Healthy Start, the more advantageous it can be. If caught early, lifelong sleep apnea can be prevented. However, once the growth of their airway is set, which can happen as early as 10 or 11 years old, the condition will need to be managed with a CPAP machine for the rest of their life or treated with major oral surgery. 

Can pediatric dentistry really prevent bed-wetting?

Yes. Bed-wetting has been connected to sleep-disordered breathing. Disordered breathing causes imbalances in oxygen and carbon dioxide within the bloodstream. This prevents your child from reaching a state of deep sleep, which turns off certain bodily functions like urination. Consequently, sleep-disordered breathing plays a significant role in issues like bed-wetting. By restoring normal breathing, Healthy Start can reduce or even eliminate bed-wetting.

When should my child start receiving pediatric dentistry services? 

Ideally, a dentist should examine your child by their second birthday. While older children can also benefit from pediatric dentistry, the best results come when the Healthy Start program is applied in a child’s younger years. An earlier start increases the success of preventive efforts and developmental growth. 

Are there any adverse effects associated with pediatric dentistry using the Healthy Smart system?

Negative effects have not been reported from the Healthy Start system. Bone development and facial growth are not compromised. 

If you seek to give your child the best possible oral health and holistic wellness, book an appointment with Dee for Dentist online today, or call the practice to speak with a friendly member of the team.